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Telling Your Story…


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One of my favorite quotes about being a digital leader comes from Eric Sheninger:

“If you don’t tell your story, someone else will tell it for you”

I have decided to give blogging a try and hopefully share my story as I’m working towards becoming a digital leader within my school and county.  I’m fortunate enough to work at the best school in Washington County, MD (Clear Spring High) and with one of the best leaders in our county James Aleshire.  James is a principal with a great vision and we are working together, along with our exceptional staff, on making Clear Spring High School a Vanguard School for our county for 1:1 technology use.  I’m hoping that if we are lucky enough to receive 1:1 technology, then this will be a platform that I use to share our journey.  Below is a reason I chose a blog to communicate and this quote comes from Eric Sheninger :

“By far a blog is your most powerful public relations tool. In my opinion there is no better medium to share innovative strategies, ideas, and success stories related to learning and accomplishments.  A blog is the 21st Century newsletter that gives that function as a two-way engagement tool with the added benefit of adding multimedia content to make your story really pop. Give Google Blogger of WordPress a try this year to capture the greatness in your classroom, school, or district.”

My goal is to blog at least twice a week but being new to this I’m not sure what is feasible.  Some posts may be links to resources while others may be personal thoughts or sharing Clear Spring High’s journey.  Let the blogging begin….

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