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Using PullQuote in Twitter


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I was on twitter this morning and found a great resource for twitter called PullQuote; it allows you to copy a quote and place it in your twitter feed as a picture so all of your followers can see it.  No more putting in links or using short hand on a tweet to allow all your characters to fit in.  My first trial run on PullQuote, I used the following quote from Eric Sheninger on digital leadership and below is how it appeared in my twitter feed:

Things Every Principal and Administrator Must Know To Be a Digital Leader – EdTechReview™ (ETR)

“Leadership is no different today than it was years ago. The only difference is that style and focus need to change with the times if we are to accomplish the lofty task of preparing students for a dynamic world that is more social and connected as a result of technology. Leading in a way that supports the status quo, standardization, outdated practices, and misconceptions related to technology, not only does a disservice to our students, but also renders our schools and profession as irrelevant. Leading in education becomes exponentially powerful when using technology to your advantage.”

I like this app and highly recommend it to anyone who uses quotes in their twitter feed.  It is very easy to use and syncs up with your twitter feed seamlessly.  The quote above always reminds me that effective digital leaders model what they expect of technology use in their schools; if you want teachers using technology then administrators and school leaders must model this expectation for all staff.

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