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Coaching for Administrators


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One of the biggest complaints I had heard from Assistant Principals (before I became one) was the lack of time they had to be an instructional leader.  “Shoveling Coal” was always the analogy I heard about being an assistant principal. I have learned that if you do not make time to be an instructional leader then managing is all you will do.  Before I sat down today, I made it a point to get into five classrooms to observe/coach and offer feedback.  Yes, there are times when this is not possible but seeking out the time is key.  I was able to work with a teacher today during her planning on using Google Drive and planning a lesson where she is going to have students share and make comments with one their groups on their paper.  We were able to practice together what she wanted and I was able to model for her how to use commenting in Google Drive.  I am also lucky enough to work for a principal, James Aleshire, who includes me on decisions and planning and has told me he does not want me to “shovel coal” but to be an instructional leader.  He is teaching me how to be a principal in training and not just an assistant principal.  If schools want to grow leaders and they want to train AP’s to be principals, then the coaching model and having a principal who wants to coach/train AP’s is the best way to go.  We all learn by doing and if we are not given opportunities or provided insight on all of the principal’s duties, then we will not be prepared to run a building.  Our observation tool is a coaching model and I fully believe a coaching model is the best way to observe and work with teachers.  As the first semester is coming to an end, I believe a coaching model is also the best way to work with administrators.

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