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Grading in Your Classroom: What Students are Learning or Compliance?


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I received an e-mail from a teacher the other day stating their is a new math app that will allow students to enter the problem and show them all of the steps and the answer.  This raised the question from our excellent department leader as to whether we should increase the emphasis or weight on quizzes and tests.  Homework has become a hot topic in the 21st century: How much should you give? How should you grade HW? Should HW be given at all?  I believe homework has a place in school but it has to something meaningful to the content and the student; it cannot be busy work a teacher is using to add grades to their gradebook.  Homework should neither allow a student to pass a class or keep a student from passing the class.  Teachers will say that giving homework teaches students to be responsible and accountable; it can but one thing that responsibility and accountability are not is achievement.  Responsibility and accountability are important and a life-long trait that students need to learn and acquire but they are different traits from achievement.  Achievement is what passes students; not being compliant and failure to turn in homework should not fail a student.  So what was decided about grading HW and increasing the weight of assessments?  I will let you know after our next CFIP meeting.  The one aspect I look forward to is the conversation because we have an outstanding math department who always does what is best for students and they are deeply passionate about their content and our school.

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