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Learning From Others


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A great attribute of any educator is working/collaborating and learning from others.  We hear the term silos tossed around and I truly believe that the best way to grow as an educator is to get out of your silo and work/learn from others.  I have had the great fortune of working with great leaders and soaking up everything they say and do (James Aleshire and Mike Chilcutt).  This has helped build my leadership qualities and I have added great leadership tools to my tool belt.  The key is to work with great people, work/learn from them and take away qualities from them that you can use to better yourself.  The key to any of this, be it a teacher or administrator, is to be yourself.  Learning from others is great but in the end if you are not true to yourself and stick to your core beliefs then emulating what others may do is a recipe for disaster.  Great teachers and administrators come in all shapes and sizes and are effective in different ways but the key is to be true to yourself.  I was lucky enough to add more tools today to my tool belt by having a great conversation with Gary Willow and how he has helped run an After School Academic plan at his old school that I fully plan on implementing next year; we already adopting his motto of “Failure is Not an Option” when we meet with some incoming freshman in May.  I will tweak it to meet who I am and what is best for our school but I was fortunate enough to work and learn from another great leader.  My challenge for the ending of this school year would be to converse/plan/collaborate with other teachers and take away ideas/lessons that you can incorporate next year.  Working and learning from others is one of the best aspects of education.  Get out of the “silo”.

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