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Planning Professional Development


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Relevance is a word that is utilized throughout education.  We ask teachers to make their topics/lessons/activities relevant to students in order to engage them.  Administrators and Supervisors need to honor this thought when we are planning professional development for all staff members.  I am a believer in that you need to model what you expect; we want differentiation in classes, student choice, and students having voice in classrooms so our PD should model these expectations.  It should not be one size fits all and we should value what our teachers need as well as offering some choices.  Our PD Plan at Clear Spring High School involves all of these.  We have asked teachers (using a Google Form) to submit some new technologies that they want help on and we used this data to create PD sessions for teachers to pick.  We are also focusing on smaller groups as opposed to whole staff PD so teachers can receive more attention and have their questions answered.  This is something new we are trying this year (along with our Flipped PD model- later post) and my hope is that teachers find this PD relevant.  Our goal is to have staff members utilize what they are learning; that our PD resonates with them.  We are fortunate at Clear Spring because we have staff members who want to try new things and want to continue to grow professionally; our staff is awesome and I fully expect to see a growth in our instructional practices.  It is a great feeling now when teachers are bragging about new ideas and technologies they are trying and are inviting us to witness these great practices in place.

You can check out my twitter at: www.twitter.com/chrisclinewcps and our school twitter at www.twitter.com/cshsblazers to see some of these great practices in action.

I’m presenting next week with Lindsey Reynolds on Using Social Media to Create PLC’s and Engage Stakeholders to other Assistant Principals and aspiring leaders in our county.  My goal is to reflect on that experience in my next post.

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