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I am working on a Formative Assessment Presentation utilizing technology for our county (with Lindsey Reynolds) and I wanted to share Formative.  I really liked this tool instantly because of my math background and students being able to draw/write their answers.  This ability allows students to show their work on equations or problems dealing with geometry.  This tool does allow students to choose from answers as well as allowing students to answer open-ended questions.  The site offers instant feedback and this is a great formative assessment tool.  We only had one issue with this tool at the beginning of the year but I will give Formative credit because they were quick to respond to our teacher’s questions and feedback.  Once our presentation is over in November, we will share it and hope to gather feedback as well as tools we did not cover.  Here is a link to view how to use/set-up Formative: Formative on YouTube.

One last plug: we are having a Twitter Chat this Tuesday (10/20/15) at 8 p.m. EST.  It is for aspiring leaders and all are welcome.  The hashtag is #wcpsmdchat  Please join so we can continue to grow our PLC and learn from one another.  This chat will continue the third Tuesday of every month and topics will change each month.  Thanks and I look forward to connecting with new educators on Twitter.

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