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Students as Stakeholders


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A stakeholder is anyone who is involved in the welfare and success of a school.  I often think of the greater community when I hear the term stakeholders (parents, businesses, etc…), but our greatest stakeholders are our students.  We ask our teachers to incorporate student voice/choice into their classes to increase engagement, allow differentiated instruction, and create social/behavioral contracts that everyone can agree upon.  I believe leaders and administrators should practice this as well because we can gain insight on how to make our schools better for our most valuable asset: students.  I try to talk to as many students as I can; I want to form relationships but I also want feedback on how to make our school better.  I had a conversation with students today about technology they are using in their classes and one student told me “it seems like most of our technology is utilized with underclassmen”.  This statement forced me to reflect on the technology in our building and who are best users of it are- I realized that this student was correct.  Our instructional technology is mostly being used in 9th & 10th grade classrooms.  I now want to work on increasing our instructional technology use with upperclassmen and their classes.  The “good” stuff should not be saved for a group of students- all students should have access to the best we have to offer every day and I believe this offering all students an opportunity to use and learn with tools they will be expected to use in College and/or Career.

We always say that we are going to do what is best for kids- well it starts with having a conversation with them.

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