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Utilizing Technology to Enhance Formative Assessment


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I wanted to preview a presentation that Lindsey Reynolds and I will be presenting next week to Administrators and aspiring leaders; we are presenting how to utilize different technologies for formative assessment.  Some of the technology we are discussing is Socrative, Formative, Kahoot, and Edpuzzle.  We will be also give a scenario and allow leaders to offer advice and/or feedback on how to enhance the given scenario with utilizing technology.  We are excited to offer this presentation because as the lead learners in our buildings, we must stay current and relevant.  We have to be able to offer teachers the best ways (not always technology) to engage and assess our students.  Teachers will not use technology (or use it effectively) just because they are told to use it; they have to be offered timely, relevant, and personalized PD in order to effectively utilize technology in their classroom.  We cannot give them a device without proper PD; a great device will not make a lesson great just because it was used or incorporated in the lesson.  Teachers always need to realize pedagogy will come first and that learning outcomes must be planned with the mindset of how can technology support or hopefully redefine the learning experience.  SAMR is a growth model; teachers are at different levels in this model- it is our job as leaders to move them through this model until we can get them to redefine the learning experience.  How can a leader who does not stay current or use technology promote it’s use in their building?  Eric Sheninger says in his book Digital Leadership that “leaders today typically choose one of two paths to follow: telling people what they want to hear or taking them where they need to be”; if we truly want effective instructional technology usage then leaders need to be able to take teachers where they need to be.  I hope our presentation on technology to enhance formative assessment is a beginning piece in allowing leaders to be comfortable using and promoting effective technology use in their building.  Thanks.

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