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Utilizing Technology for Formative Assessment Presentation


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Lindsey Reynolds and I presented this past week on utilizing technology for formative assessment.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead these presentations as our county looks to expand administrators and teachers understanding/usage of technology in the classroom and promote 21st Century Learning.  Our goal was for our audience to take away at least one tool that they could in turn share with colleagues at their school or for administrators to be able to offer feedback and tips to teachers in the post-observation process (Domains 3B, 3C, and 3D in the Frameworks for Teaching) or offer professional development sessions for their staff.  We were able to share eight technologies that can be used for Formative Assessment but we also wanted our audience to realized that planning/pedagogy always come first.  Using these tools just to use them is not an effective practice; we shared how effective teachers have used them in our buildings and offered tips as administrators on how we would expect them to be used.  I love Kahoot as a formative assessment tool (our students love it too) but if a teacher does not do anything with the data they are given or does not ask HOQ’s then this tool is not reaching it’s full potential.  As an administrator, I am always encouraging, discussing usage, and advocating for teachers to use technology but a bad lesson with technology is still a bad lesson.  It may look great to a passerby or on the surface but is the technology enhancing the lesson?  Another tool we shared was Formative.  This is a great tool for Formative Assessment and as a former math teacher, I really like this because it allows students to write their answers on their device.  I highly recommend checking this tool out.  We also asked our audience to share Formative Assessment tools we had not mentioned and here are a couple they shared with us:

Quizizz– I have seen this one but have not personally used it

Plickers– great for the 1 iPad classroom

Flubaroo– free Chrome extension that teachers can use to grade in Google forms

Below is a copy of our presentation; please feel free to use it, borrow from it and even expand upon it.  We just ask that if you are able to add to it, please share the ideas with us as we look to strengthen our global PLC.  If you want to provide any feedback or have any questions, please tweet at me @chrisclinewcps .  Thanks and enjoy.

Utilizing Technology for Formative Assessment

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