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Leadership PLC: Decision Making


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This past Tuesday, I co-moderated a Twitter Chat with Lindsey Reynolds for our county and the focus was decision-making as school leaders (you can see the Twitter Chat here).  As administrators, we make decisions daily that will impact school culture/climate, student learning, and stakeholder satisfaction just to name a few.  Leaders make decisions in a timely manner with the information they have; effective leaders make decisions with an understanding how the decisions they make now will impact future learning and the overall big picture and vision for their school.  How will the decisions that are made now effect not only students, staff, and stakeholders now but weeks, months, and years from now?  Leaders do not have to work in silos. We encourage teacher collaboration and speak to how 21st century teachers share/create/interact with other teachers from their school, county, and hopefully a global PLC; leaders should do the same.  It is important to include teacher voice in decisions that will impact student learning, talk/discuss topics with your school leadership team, and reach out for guidance or other ideas when faced with a decision that you may not be in the expert in.  I am thankful to have wonderful leaders in our county to work with and ask questions when I may need help.  Leadership can be very lonely and it is important not to seclude yourself but surround yourself with people who are good at what they do and reach out to other leaders who may have strengths in areas that are weaker for you as a leader.  This is not called weakness, this is called good professional practice.  I want to make the best decision for my school; not the quickest decision to move something off my desk so I can focus on the next item.  I am thankful we are having Twitter Chats in our county as I see this as a way to strengthen our Leadership PLC as well as a training ground for new or aspiring administrators/leaders.  We have recently started including scenarios in our chats so that we can see best practices that are going on across our county, increase consistency from one school to the next, and hopefully providing aspiring administrators ideas to think about as they develop into leaders.  Our goal is to branch this chat out and hopefully have leaders from outside our county/state join in.  I believe we truly become better at what we do when we are able to share and learn from other great leaders.  Please join our next leadership chat on December 15th at 8:00 p.m. EST at the hashtag #wcpsmdchat.  Please share your knowledge with us as we continue to expand our PLC.

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