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Failing to Plan…


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Words cannot describe how excited I am over our new Digital Learning Plan.  Our students will now work daily with tools that will provide them access to endless content and prepare them for College & Careers in the 21st Century.   Our students will face greater responsibilities with these tools, but they will be better for it.  We will have to teach and embed digital citizenship into our lessons, but this is a vital resource as we teach our students to become adults in a changing world.  I have gone from complete adulation and joy over our digital learning plan into planning mode.  I have already looked at our current schedule and made modifications for students picking up their devices in the morning and turning them back in at the end of the day.  I have looked at PD and app challenges that will engage our staff and help them grow through the SAMR model.  We have some staff that are in the modification and redefinition phase; the key is looking at differentiated PD needs to help all staff grow that are in Substitution and Augmentation while also reaching the needs of teachers who are already doing great things with technology.  Currently, Mr. Marriott and I are planning to go to a middle school in our county that has been 1:1 for over a year now.  We want to look at their model and discuss PD, best practices, and implementation with their Principal and Lead Teacher.  We are meeting with our technology team next week to discuss distribution, PD (app challenges, differentiated, department led, SAMR model), scheduling, and other questions/scenarios from our brainstorm-meeting.  I am reaching out to my PLC for any tips or best practices in implementing a 1:1 iPad at your school.  I am excited and I consider myself a digital leader in our county (thank you Eric Sheninger for your resources on twitter as well as both of your books that I have read multiple times and tabbed to death).  I’m ready to take this task on and redefine how education looks at our schools in 2015; our county has made a decision that is best for all kids in our schools and I cannot wait to start this journey.  I have wanted to work and lead a 1:1 school for years and this will come to fruition in 2016.  I cannot wait for this to begin which is why I have been going through endless ideas/plans in my head.  If we fail to plan accordingly for this, we will fail at the school level.  Please tweet at me any suggestions or best practices you have for a 1:1 digital learning plan.  Below are just a few of the links that I keep in my 1:1 technology folder and leadership folder in my e-mail:

8 Mistakes Teachers Make When Implementing iPads

Evaluating Apps

iPad Classroom Visit Look For’s

Integrating Tech the Right Way

Math + SAMR

TRUDACOT (thanks Eric)

Let the redefining the classroom begin……


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