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Apps: Productivity vs. Content


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When I first started working with iPads in schools, my role was a Lead Teacher. I would mentor and provide professional development for staff.  When staff first received iPads, my first priority was how can they use this tool in their classrooms and for me, this meant how can I find content apps to support teachers in their instruction.  Fast forward three years (joined Twitter and my eyes were opened to SAMR, Eric Sheninger and George Couros amongst other items) and my mindset has changed about instructional technology.  I have since become an administrator and have torn through Eric Sheninger’s books as well as George Couros and fully believe and embrace being a digital leader.  I am fortunate enough to have a powerful PLC (Michael Chilcutt, James Aleshire, Gary Willow) as well as work with some amazing teachers.  I often have conversations before, during, and after school with Amy Kelly, Josh Edwards, and Stephen Schawalder about moving our school forward utilizing technology (all can and do redefine the classroom daily and are three of the best teachers I have worked with).  These conversations have helped change and shape my mindset on technology and the iPad.  These three and I often have conversations about how to use the iPad across contents and they always remind me that it’s not looking at apps for content but how they can help you be more productive in your classroom and your work flow.  Schoology, Formative, NearPod, Google Drive, Adobe Voice, etc… can be used across contents and can help teachers be more productive in their classrooms.  Content apps will not redefine the classroom (not saying they are bad) but productivity apps used across contents can.

I would love to dialogue about apps and your thoughts on this brief post.  Please leave a reply or tweet at me (I’m always on Twitter).  I always look forward to learning and having conversations with my PLC.  Thanks.

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