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Big Rocks


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Each and everyday, administrators have a ton of situations and items that we have to deal with and make decisions on.    I believe in prioritizing by always trying to look at activities, situations, and decisions that place student achievement and learning first. This is what you would call my Big Rock.  I first heard about Big Rocks from one of my good friends and a great Principal, Mike Chilcutt.  Big Rocks are your core values and what you want your school to be about.  My Big Rocks are student learning (daily instruction, planning, assessing, etc..), teachers forming relationships with students (always doing what is best for students), technology used to engage students and redefine the classroom (not using technology for technology’s sake), engaging and being active with the community and stakeholders, and looking at how we grade and assess students (this has been a recent focus of mine- I’m reading more Wormlei, Guskey, and Tarte).  I would love to dialogue about this and see what your Big Rocks are.




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