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Growing as an Educator


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The start of the year at Clear Spring has been great; I have loved getting in classrooms and talking with students on what they are learning as well as seeing teachers trying something new with instructional technology.  I am a believer that you have to model what you want and expect as a leader and this involves risk-taking/trying new things.  I am working on a new attendance policy as well as re-thinking PD this year at CSHS (post at a later date) and I have been lucky enough this year to have teachers invite me into their classrooms to witness their risk-taking with new technology and practices.  Educators are life-long learners and we have to continue to grow/try new things or else we become stale and our students suffer.  I always openly applaud and affirm our staff for trying new activities and their reflection on the lesson; this is how we grow and become better.  When a teacher says I am going to try something new, say yes and ask how you can support them in their efforts.  The worst phrase in education is “but we’ve always done it that way”; change the mindset and encourage growth and risk-taking.  This starts with leadership modeling what they expect and working with and encouraging staff. #OneFamily

New Technologies Tried:


Actively Learn

GradeCam (version 3)




PlanBoard App

Hstry (correct spelling)


Google Classroom


I am thankful to work with such a great staff and work with a Principal who shares the vision of trying new things.

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